Popcorn Sales

Let’s Sell Some Popcorn!

The Popcorn Kernel oversees operations of the Unit’s popcorn sale. This is an important leadership role within the Unit. The Popcorn Kernel ensures distribution, promotion, reporting and payments for Unit’s entire sale period. They also work closely with their Unit committees and District Popcorn Kernel.

The best part is leading their #PopcornSquad in the Unit’s goals for the sale. This includes:
★ Encouraging Scouts to Earn Their Way
★ Developing the Overall Sale Strategy for the Unit
★ Establishing Relationships with Community Businesses
★ Helping Parents Support Their Scout
★ Guiding the Unit’s Progress to Their Sales Goal
★ Gathering and Distributing Important Information
★ Running Logistics for Product and Sales Earnings
★ Rewarding Scout Efforts with Great Prizes
★ and Hosting an EPIC Unit Kick-Off Celebration

Your #PopcornSquad includes (based on your Unit and District Size):
★ District Popcorn Kernel – Your right-hand in all things popcorn
★ Unit Committee Members – Helping you develop the plans and budgets
★ Assistant Popcorn Kernel – Your left-hand in all things popcorn
★ Kickoff Kernel – Your party planning partner
★ Show-N-Sell Kernel – Your logistics coordinator (preferably with a truck!)
★ Pickup Kernel – Your warehouse watchdog for product inventory
★ Prize Kernel – Your fun-lovin’ prize patrol buddy
★ Communications Kernel – Your social media / email master, spreading popcorn love

As exciting as these position titles are, people tend to be more receptive when asked to execute a specific task, not just serve a role in the popcorn sale. When asking for help, be sure to say what you specifically NEED help with and how much time you think it will take them.

For example, instead of: Hey Sarah, will you volunteer as Kickoff Kernel this year?
Ask: Hey Sarah, your creativity and crafting skills are top notch. Would you help me with decorations and games for the Popcorn Kickoff? I’m thinking it will take us about 5 hours in planning and decorating day of, plus whatever time you’d estimate for creating them.