Camp Emerson

Welcome to Camp Emerson!

With over 100 years of experience, Camp Emerson has a rich history of providing quality outdoor programs. Nestled in the mountain community of Idyllwild, California, Camp Emerson is known for its cool mountain temperatures and natural beauty. Trickling through the middle of camp the soothing sounds of Strawberry Creek make for a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

The camp boasts a friendly and well-trained staff, crucial for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Our Camp Cook keeps our campers well fed with delicious, healthy meals, and the dining hall encourages a sense of community during mealtimes.

There is a wide array of activities to engage in at Camp Emerson. For those who love the thrill of shooting; rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges are available. If you prefer water activities, relaxing in the pool, or canoeing on the lake might be the perfect choice. For those seeking a physical challenge, climbing our massive 60-foot tower would surely provide an adrenaline rush. And for nature enthusiasts, the 25 miles of hiking trails will offer opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

If you’re interested in attending Camp Emerson, or for more information about registration, dates, and the full list of activities offered at camp please reach out to us at . Keep in mind that certain program areas may only be open seasonally and activities may vary, so it’s best to confirm the current offerings directly with the camp organizers. Happy camping!