Shooting Sports

Purpose of BSA Shooting Sports

The purpose of BSA shooting sports is to teach firearm safety while introducing youth to a variety of shooting sports programs. The BSA’s shooting sports programs are developed and implemented through age-appropriate training and experiences.

The Boy Scouts of America adheres to its longstanding policy of teaching its youth and adult members the safe, responsible, and intelligent handling, care, and use of firearms, archery, and hand-held throwing sports in planned, carefully managed, and supervised programs for each youth who chooses to participate.

Shooting Sports Manual *UPDATED 2022*

This revised manual replaces all previous versions and has a revision date of 1/2022. The updated BSA Shooting Sports Manual clarifies who can operate which types of shooting sports programs for which BSA program level. It also serves to clarify the proper supervision and qualifications needed for unit coordinated shooting sports programs.

Reminder: Cub Scouts may only participate in shooting sports at a district or council event or activity. Shooting Sports is prohibited at the Cub Scout pack or den level.

As a reminder the Guide to Safe Scouting states that any shooting sports programs not detailed in our program literature or the shooting sports manual are prohibited.

Download the Shooting Sports Manual


Program Specific Information

Cub Scouts Shooting Sports

Scouts BSA Shooting Sports

Venturing & Sea Scout Shooting Sports

 Scouting Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Participant book #622175– This guide should be handed out to each participant in the BSA Pistol Safety and Marksmanship program.

Shooting Sports and National Camping School/NCAP

Shooting Sports is an important part of our BSA camping operations. In order to have a safe and fun shooting sports program, the BSA has set forth safety standards and training for all volunteers and staff who will be in charge of Shooting Sports Activities. For a complete list of these standards, see the links below.

National Camp Accreditation Program

National Camping School

Chalk Ball, Sporting Arrows, Pistol Safety and Marksmanship program, Cowboy Action Shooting

If your council plans to offer these programs, you must complete the Shooting Sports Application  prior to offering these activities. (This application must be submitted annually)

Additional Shooting Sports Resources

BSA Range Design Standards

Download the design document: range design

Your council must engage an architect or engineer locally to ensure your final design incorporates local geography and is meeting all local standards and laws for your county or state.  The guidelines established are minimum standards, the final design must contain the projectile within the range. Designing an all-purpose range is not desirable because of the specific differences in the disciplines.

Procedures to Use Public or Private Property for a Shooting Sports Range

This worksheet must be used to determine if public or private land is suitable for use as a shooting sports range.

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