Webelos Woods

What is Webelos Woods?

Webelos Woods is a great opportunity for 4th grade Webelos Cub Scouts to learn about Boy Scouting. It is a weekend camp-out that exposes the Webelos and their parents to camping using the patrol method in a Boy Scout led outdoor adventure, supervised by adult Boy Scout leaders, and with your parents nearby.

Why is Webelos Woods important?

It gives the Webelos more independence and self-reliance than in Cub Scouts. Webelos Woods is in opportunity for 4th grade Webelos Cub Scouts to learn about Boy Scouting. It gets the Webelos excited about crossing the bridge to Boy Scouts and staying in the Scout program. It builds relationships between Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops.

What will the Webelos do at Webelos Woods?

The Webelos should be able to fulfill all requirements to earn their Camper and Into the Woods adventures and half of the Scouting Adventure requirements. The Webelos den will be in a patrol with youth Boy Scout patrol leaders. The patrols will each have their own campsite. They will tent, camp, and cook for themselves. As a patrol they will participate in scout skill-building stations, an evening cracker barrel, and help plan and conduct the Saturday evening campfire.

What will the Webelos parents do?

The Webelos adults will be in a patrol with adult Boy Scout patrol leaders. They will be in their own campsite close to their sons, but far enough that the Webelos will be on their own. This is a Cub Scout camping event so there should be one adult for every Webelos Scout. “Substitute parents” or one adult being responsible for two scouts is also acceptable. With your adult patrol, you will also tent, camp, and cook for yourselves. There will be time for fellowship with the adult Boy Scout Leaders so you can learn how the troop operates. Attend special events for parents such as a hike and position specific training.

Where do we get equipment and food?

The troop that you attend with should supply equipment for the Webelos and the parent patrols. You will have to supply your basic needs, such as a sleeping bag, sleeping pad or cot, and a mess kit. The troop will determine the menu for the weekend and let the pack know the cost of the meals.

What will the Boy Scout do?

Boy Scouts, both youth and adult, act as Patrol Leaders for your patrol. They will lead and teach you. Boy Scout and Venture staff members will be at the headquarters. They will help at the stations and ensure the campout is a success for all attending.

Where can I get more information?

Check the District website at:
Attend a troop meeting with your favorite troop and work together on the planning. This is part of requirement 1 of the Camper (Outdoorsman) Adventure.