Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

8-Day Program for Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts, Explorers

Date: July 8-15, 2023

Saturday – Saturday morning. Please NO late arrivals or departures

Camp Emerson, Boseker Scout Reservation, Idyllwild, CA

Expand team-building and ethical decision-making skills learned at National Youth Leadership

Training (NYLT). Foxfire program is built using Mountain Man history as a theme.

Three components of Foxfire: Leadership, Teamwork, and Servant Leadership. Foxfire offers Scouts and Venturers an exciting experience based on American history, using the core elements of NYLT to make their leadership skills intuitive. Foxfire will equip youth leaders to be better Unit leaders, youth leader training staff members and superior camp staff. It will help guide their journey to become true “servant leaders” able to develop all members of any team they lead.

Hammer steel into tomahawks in a forge
Shoot black powder rifles
Team building activities and competitions
Perform a conservation project
Leadership challenges

Attendance Requirements:

  • Completion of NYLT or any other Leadership Training such as NAYLE, SEAL, NLS, or Wood Badge
  • 14 years or older by 1st day of course, but not yet 21 years by the last day of course.
  • Have adult leader’s recommendation.

Cost: $420.00 ($50.00 deposit holds your spot.) Balance due by June 10th at Participant Orientation.

Participant Orientation: Attendance is MANDATORY. The orientation will provide information about the course and answer all your questions. After submitting your reservation, you will receive an email containing more information about the Orientation meeting.

Questions? Contact Course Director: Frank Gruendner, or 951-265-2039

For refund information please refer to the Council refund policy found on our website:

It’s not just an adventure. It’s Foxfire!

Celebrating 35 years

What is FOXFIRE?

Foxfire Advanced Youth Leadership Experience is a unique program where young men and women are able to enhance their leadership skills. Scouts will expand upon the team building and ethical decision making skills learned at National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). The Foxfire program is built upon the mountain man era. The three areas of Foxfire are Foxfire skills, mountain man skills, and leadership skills. The program offers Scouts an exciting experience based on American history, and uses the core elements of NYLT to make their leadership skills intuitive.

The Foxfire faculty is committed to making the course a special experience. Scouts live in a crew setting at Camp Emerson in Idyllwild. There, they use their leadership skills to resolve challenging situations and learn skills from the days of the mountain men. “The past teaching our future.” These skills include working in a forge and shooting a black powder rifle. There is minimal formal classroom type instruction, as skill sessions and leadership reflections are conducted in the field.

Foxfire will equip youth leaders to be better troop/crew/ship leaders, youth leader training staff members, and superior camp staff. It will help guide their journey to become true “servant leaders.” Foxfire provides skills for now and for the future.

Foxfire will give the Scouts the skills, ability, and motivation to be an effective leader gained through advanced practical applications of NYLT skills.


The mission of Foxfire is to provide participants and faculty the tools, knowledge, and self-confidence to be able to demonstrate what is possible in family, friendship, Scouting, and in life. The mission will be accomplished by providing a program based on the theme of the mountain man that motivates them to follow a life of servant leadership.

The mission is accomplished by:
  • Creating an environment of learning and fun
  • Providing a clear understanding of servant leadership in all activities
  • Providing real life opportunities for ethical decision making, mentoring, and living the Scout Oath and Law
  • Applying all the leadership skills taught at NYLT


Foxfire will prepare every staff member as an educator, earning the distinction of faculty. Foxfire will prepare both its faculty and participants for advanced leadership by giving them the tools so that: creativity and evaluation are the new thought process, skills become naturalized, and their value for others is characterized by a compassionate affect.


By the end of course, participants should be able to:

  • Construct a vision and ticket that imagines what their future looks like in six months
  • Always practice what it means to be a servant leader
  • Display teamwork during group activities
  • Show self-reliance when needed during individual skill sessions
  • Always value others for who they are, not how they look
  • Use positive reinforcement to help others do their best


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$420.00 per Registration